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Kaitlin is an award-winning event planner and florist serving Central PA.

I'm Kaitlin


Leading up to walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, and officially becoming spouses, there are so many decisions that go into planning a wedding.
You may be the type of person that takes planning by the horns–finding their venue, picking out their decor style, contacting and book vendors– all within one month of getting engaged. Some of our other readers maybe a little slower–taking it one step at a time. And then there are others who either have no desire to plan and think about the many many (MANY) steps it takes to plan a wedding.
No matter what “type” of person you are when it comes to planning, there are many great reasons why you should consider a planner!

  • You are super overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.
  • You don’t have time or the desire to plan
  • You don’t think you have the eye for attention to detail
  • You want the best-of-the-best vendors
  • You want to enjoy the day before your wedding
  • You want to STAY ON BUDGET
  • You want someone there to help you the Day-Of for your wedding

Above are the top reasons why people choose to hire us to plan their wedding or private events! Whether we are designing the look of the wedding or helping you execute the plans on the day-of, we are here to help you all the way through. We want your wedding to be a memory you look back with nothing but fondness! We always say, there are two major “tasks” when planning a wedding– manage your stress and your budget! Let us help with both!

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